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These dishes / mini bowls have a multitude of uses,  cookery preparation, olives, dips etc.  It looks beautiful in the kitchen or dinning table for preparing and serving food.  They are dishwasher friendly, and have rattled arround our dishwasher for the past 5 years without incidence.

Each dish / bowl is made on the potters wheel, the decoration comprises of several glazes which run and flow over each other in the kiln creating a unique and individual decoration. 

I make these bowls in three approximate sizes

     #A) 3.25" (8cm)

     #B) 4" (10cm)

     #C) 5" (12.5cm) 

Ive made this range of mini bowls and dishes for many years and customers have bought them for a multitude of uses:

Uses include:

Olives      Olive stones      Dips       Chocolates      Jewellery

Nuts       Seeds             Teabag holder             2nd Egg Cup

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