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  "Art for everyday living, beautifully crafted" by Steve Woodhead"

 Welcome to my pottery " I hope you enjoy my pots, I thoroughly enjoyed making them for you"

 I make a range of traditional and funky  pots in high fired stoneware, as well as number of individual art pieces in my studio pottery workshop in Warwickshire UK.


 Individual Art Pieces.. The inspiration for my individual art pieces is derived from similar sources in nature.  I love the flowing nature of water, especially ramble streams and waterfalls which I represent as flowing glazes.  I am similarly inspired by plants and flowers in nature, falling and cascading over surfaces.

Oblong Dish 

 Domestic Pottery .. I make a range of beautifully crafted domestic pottery in high fired stoneware.  My work is ideal for todays kitchen being dishwasher, oven and microwave friendly.  To see my full range of domestic pottery please follow the link.  I also make a range of individual bespoke cake stands.


    Mini Bowls 


 Teapots   Teapot

Teapot Book

I have always loved the teapot form and its basis for artistic interpretation through the ages.  My range of functional and sculptural teapots became the foundation of “The Teapot Book”, (published by A&C Black) which has been described as the “definitive manual on handmade studio teapots”( Ceramics Monthly America).


Bespoke handmade cake display stand:Cake stand 

I make a variety of cake display stands as well as bespoke stands (made to order), please contact me for further details




Wet Shaving Scuttle Mugs & Bowls

I make a comprehensive set of handmade wet shaving pottery, comprising of shaving mugs, shaving bowl and shaving scuttles, please review them under the category - "shaving".      



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